Quick Answer: Where Are My Thunderbird Emails Stored?

How do I move Thunderbird emails to another drive?

Move Thunderbird Email Profiles To Another LocationLocate the Thunderbird profile folder that you want to move to another location or computer.

Copy the entire profile folder including the root folder to the new location or a USB drive.Paste the profile folder to the new location, e.g., another drive on the same computer or a new computer.More items…•Apr 15, 2009.

How do I backup my ionos emails?

Backing Up Emails in WebmailIf not already done, log in to Webmail.Select the emails you want to back up. As soon as you have selected one or more emails, an additional toolbar is displayed. … Click on the More actions icon (3 horizontal lines) and choose Save as file.

How do I transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook?

How to move Thunderbird mails to Outlook 2019Open Thunderbird email client.Click on the bar icon and then click on Add-Ons menu.You will see a new window appear on the screen. … Search Import/Export plug-in. … Restart Thunderbird.Go to mailbox and right click on All Mail option.Select ImportExportTools and then click Export Folder.More items…

What are local folders in Thunderbird?

A Thunderbird local storage folder works just like an IMAP folder, with one important difference. All local folders are stored on your PC. This means that rather than filling up your valuable / limited storage space on the email server, you are using the storage capacity of your computer’s “local” hard drive.

How do I show all folders in Thunderbird?

Select View > Folders from the menu bar, or select Folders from the application menu, to choose the view you want to use. The following options are available: All: This is the default view shown above. It shows each email account and its folders.

How do I find my Thunderbird inbox file?

Reading an mbox file with ThunderbirdDownload, launch Thunderbird. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/ … 2. Mail Account Setup. You need to let it create a Thunderbird account so that you have the directory structure to place the mbox file in the right location. … Find your Thunderbird “Local Folders” Directory. … Drop mbox into Local Folders. … Browse mbox.Aug 23, 2016

How do you back up emails in Thunderbird?

Standard MethodLaunch Thunderbird.Select your Inbox or another folder.Select the email you want to export. Or press CTRL+A to select all emails.Click the menu button to display the Thunderbird menu.Select Save as > File.Select the folder where the emails should be saved and click Save.

How do I restore a local folder in Thunderbird?

In Thunderbird, under “Local Folders”, create a folder called “Recover” (right-click “Local Folders” and choose “New Folder”). Under the “Recover” folder, create a sub-folder called “Placeholder” (right-click “Recover” and choose “New Subfolder”).

Where are local folders stored in Thunderbird?

By default accounts using the Global Inbox have their messages stored in Local Folders, which is located in the “Mail” folder in your profile folder. Copy the entire contents of “Local Folders”, including all subfolders, over to the new location.

How do I import old Thunderbird profiles?

Copy your old profile to the directory where your current profile is stored. See https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/using-multiple-profiles to switch to your old profile OR edit ‘profiles. ini’ to change the ‘Path’ to the name of your old profile. Restart Thunderbird.

How do I sync Thunderbird with two computers?

Chosen solution. The only way to do this synchronization permanently is to have your Thunderbird Profile Folder saved somewhere where both computers will always have access to them. Like a Network Access Storage for use just in your home, or a online cloud storage.

Does Thunderbird save emails locally?

First, it stores your local mail, and possibly copies of messages that reside on the mail server (depending on your account configuration). Second, it stores any changes you make while using Thunderbird (for example, changes to account settings and changes to the toolbar).

How do I export Thunderbird PST files?

Select “Open & Export”, followed by “Import/Export” option. Select “Export to a file” and click “Next”. Now, select “Outlook Data file” and click “Next” again. Choose the mailbox folder that contains Thunderbird emails to export to PST.

How do I recover lost emails in Thunderbird?

Here are the steps:Run Mozilla Thunderbird, right-click on the Inbox folder and select “Properties”.Select “General Information” and check the folder name to be as “Inbox”.Then click “Repair Folder” and click “OK” to finish the process. After this, you will be able to view the repaired data – emails, etc.Feb 19, 2021