Question: Why Is Geometry Dash Saying My Email Is Invalid?

How do you copy levels in geometry dash?

However, some people have already built a replica (or hacked Geometry Dash), and have released them online.

For example, to get a copy of Stereo Madness, look up Stereo Madness copyable.

Then, look at the menu of a level, and look at the middle-left, there should be a copy button.

If you can copy it, then you are done!.

How do you fix upload failed on geometry dash?

Try again.Try again later.Get better wifi.Remove some stuff in the level if it has many objects (you have to reverify)Refresh login.Try it on another device.Live with it.Sep 18, 2016

Why can’t I upload my level in geometry dash?

If your level name contains symbols, then you can’t upload that level. Also, if your level name already has a same level name as one of your uploaded levels, it won’t work too.

Why is Facebook saying my email is invalid?

If you see a message that your email is invalid, make sure you entered your email correctly. … Try logging in with the email you created the account with. If you can’t log in, copy the link from your confirmation email and paste it into your browser. Learn what to do if you didn’t get the confirmation email.

How do I fix invalid credentials?

Type in your username for Google Apps, then type in your password, and fill in the correct CAPTCHA validation. Click the “Unlock” button to fix the IMAP failure error. If you still have problems after clearing the CAPTCHA, try to use an alternative IMAP server instead, which is, on SSL port 993.

How do you get data back on geometry dash?

Go to the Library folder by clicking Go in the menu bar, hold the option key & clicking Library. Open the Application Support folder. Find a folder called GeometryDash & click it. Copy the CCGameManager.

How do I activate my geometry dash account?

First you go to the menu page, and then go to the settings sub-menu (you do so by clicking the gear icon on the bottom.) Then, click the button that says “Account” on it. Then after that, click on the button that says “Register” on it.

How do you add friends on geometry dash?

On your profile, if you click the gear, you see the “Allow friend requests from:” and then 2 options, all or none. There should be a third checkbox, one that says advanced. That would take you to a menu where you would have many options to chose from: Creator points*

How do I know if an email address is invalid?

It’s important to understand that every valid email must contain an “@” symbol before the domain. An invalid email address will likely have spelling or formatting errors in the local part of the email or a “dead” domain name.

How do you switch accounts on geometry dash?

Locate the settings menu and select the “Accounts” button. A player that is logged in can then save and load data from the cloud; the “More” button allows the player to refresh their login, change their username and password (from the “Manage account” button), or unlink (log out and delete all save data) their account.

Why does my email say invalid?

What is an invalid email address? Basically, it’s just an address that doesn’t have the correct format to be an email address, one that doesn’t exist or doesn’t anymore. Dealing with these cases can often lead us to damage a bit of our reputation score with one or many servers.

What makes a valid email address?

A valid email address consists of an email prefix and an email domain, both in acceptable formats. The prefix appears to the left of the @ symbol. … For example, in the address, “example” is the email prefix, and “” is the email domain.

Why won’t my geometry dash save?

Try Refreshing Login, maybe that would fix it. Sometimes, the game just thinks that for some reason, you aren’t logged in anymore. So all you have to do is just refresh your login. Just go to Settings >> Account >> More >> Refresh Login to do this.

Why does Apple say my email is invalid?

Always “Invalid Email”. … OK, you are not setting up an email account, you are either creating or changing the address for your Apple ID. You can’t use that address because it is already associated with an Apple ID or is a backup account for an Apple ID.

How do you fix invalid email in geometry dash?

does it start with a number? the thing you have to do is go to the account management page ( and then click “Invalid Email?” button. add your email and then you should be able to register normally. hope this fixes it!

What is an invalid email format?

An invalid email occurs when you attempt to send email to an address that is formatted in a manner that does not meet internet email format standards or the email does not exist at the recipient’s mail server.