Question: How Much Does Yahoo Premium Customer Service Cost?

How do I cancel Yahoo Finance premium?

Cancel your Yahoo Finance Premium subscriptionSign in to Yahoo Finance.Mouse over your username | click Manage Subscription.Under Yahoo Finance Premium, click Manage.Click Cancel.Select a verification preference and confirm your ID.Select a reason for your cancellation.Click Cancel my subscription..

Do I have to pay for Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo introduced Yahoo Mail Pro today, a subscription service that gives Yahoo users an ad-free version of their inbox for $34.99 a year, or $9.99 a year for mobile-only. … But all those features come for free as part of the redesign, which means that all users are paying for is the exclusion of ads.

Why is Yahoo mail not working?

Uninstall and reinstall the app At times, reinstalling a fresh version of the app can resolve your receiving problems. Uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo Mail app on iOS. Uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo Mail app on Android.

How much is Yahoo Plus support?

Home device protection when you need it, support when you want it. Just $15/mo.

What is Yahoo Plus support?

Yahoo Plus Tech provides round-the-clock tech support and extended device protection for your current devices and ones you purchase in the future.

How good is Yahoo Finance premium?

Premium members get access to far more advanced technical charts than those available to free Yahoo Finance users. … But, the important thing is that they’re good enough that the majority of traders can get by with technical analysis without ever having to leave the Yahoo Finance platform.

How can I get Yahoo premium?

Yahoo Finance Premium is available to purchase from the Yahoo Finance app. If your subscription is an in-app purchase, it is managed through the device’s app store, not through your Yahoo account.

How much does Yahoo premium services cost?

Like its predecessor, Yahoo Mail Pro will have no ads and includes priority customer support. While Ad Free Mail was $49.99 a year, Yahoo Mail Pro is $34.99 per year, or $3.49 a month. The mobile-only option is $9.99 per year, or $0.99 a month.

How do I cancel Yahoo Plus support?

You can cancel your subscription to Yahoo Plus Tech by going to or by calling the support number provided in your order confirmation email. If you cancel, coverage will continue for 30 days after your cancellation date.

Is Yahoo or Gmail better?

Gmail is more secure than Yahoo Main because it has a much smaller session expiry time. It has security features that force the user to have a safer and stronger password and has a two-step authentication that makes any account more secure.

Is Yahoo account pro real?

Account Pro by Yahoo is the only paid Yahoo technical support service offered by Yahoo that gives members access to 24/7 live phone support agents.

What is Yahoo premium services?

Yahoo Plus combines a number of paid services with a revamped version of its customizable My Yahoo Web page. … As for e-mail, Yahoo Plus provides extra storage of up to 100 megabytes, message forwarding to POP (Post Office Protocol) servers, and enhanced antispam capabilities.

Is Yahoo Mail Safe 2020?

If you are worried about Yahoo mail security. Well! It is a valid concern. Everyone wants their important personal or professional database to be secure. Yahoo is undoubtedly the most popular and safe platform providing multiple features for security.

Is Yahoo support free?

Tech support you need, 24/7 for free by changing it online here.

Will Yahoo Mail be discontinued?

“We’re shutting down the Yahoo Groups website on December 15, 2020 and members will no longer be able to send or receive emails from Yahoo Groups. Yahoo Mail features will continue to function as expected and there will be no changes to your Yahoo Mail account, emails, photos or other inbox content.

What do you get with Yahoo Finance premium?

Yahoo Finance Plus is a premium subscription service that provides actionable data and advanced tools for investors to trade with confidence. Yahoo Finance Plus is integrated into Yahoo Finance’s existing desktop and app products where investors can chart, screen and analyze new data sets all in one place.

Can you cancel Yahoo account pro?

From the Yahoo Mail app Tap the Profile icon. Tap Settings. Tap Manage subscription. Tap Cancel subscription.